Team Awards

Every year at our annual banquet, we hand out the hardware in a number of different categories:


Most Underrated Player

Sponsored by: Ross & Brian Trimble

Donated by: Ross & Brian Trimble

Awarded to the player whose performance exceeds expectations to the greatest degree.

Luke Martin 2009/10
Elie Ghantous 2010/11
Anthony McVeigh 2011/12
Stephen Baylis 2012/13
Anthony McVeigh 13/14
Tyson Stewart 14/15
Matt Lombardozzi 15/16
Geoff Kitt 16/17


Most Gentlemanly Player

Donated by: Kings Alumni

Awarded to the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability.

Ryan Lowe 2009/10
Luke Martin 2010/11
Christian Weidauer 2011/12
Kevin Dufour 2012/13
Brett D’Andre 13/14
Jordan Larson 14/15
Nick Carrier 15/16
Tim Theocharidis 16/17


Rookie of the year

Sponsored by:Ron & Elaine MacDonald

Donated by: Ron & Elaine MacDonald

Awarded annually to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition with the team.

Donovan Gardner 2009/10
Christian Weidauer 2010/11
Luke Edwards 2011/12
Kelly Summers 2012/13
Craig Pefley 13/14
Adrian Clark 14/15
Brett Murray/Colton Point 15/16
Zach Tupker 16/17


Best Defenceman

Sponsored by: Carleton Place Legion Branch 192

Donated by: Carleton Place Legion Branch 192

Awarded annually to the player who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game.

Rusty Hafner 2009/10
Theo Hanna 2010/11
Theo Hanna 2011/12
Christian Weidauer 2012/13
Kelly Summers 13/14
Devon Campbell 14/15
Marcus Joesph 15/16
Owen Grant 16/17


Leading Scorer

Sponsored by: John Gibson

Donated by: John Gibson

Awarded annually to the goal-scoring leader during the regular season.

Tyler Kotlarz 2009/10
Ryan Lowe 2010/11
Shayne Morrissey 2011/12
Alex Globke 2012/13
Andy Sturtz 13/14
Andy Sturtz 14/15
Lucas Batt 15/16
Connor Merkley 16/17


Freedom 55 Financial M.V.P. Trophy

Sponsored by: Kevin Guerard, Freedom 55 Financial

Donated by: Kevin Guerard

Awarded to the most valuable player as determined by the team and coaching staff.

Tyler Kotlarz 2009/10
Matt English 2010/11
Theo Hanna 2011/12
Alex Globke 2012/13
Andy Sturtz 13/14
Stephen Baylis 14/15
Bryce Van Horn 15/16
Andrew Dodson & Connor Merkley 16/17


Most Improved Player

Sponsored by: Kings Alumni

Donated by: Kings Alumni

Awarded to the player who displays the most improvement in his on-ice role with the team

Zach Rodier 2009/10
Anthony McVeigh 2010/11
Brock Edwards 2011/12
Devin Campbell 2012/13
Devin Campbell 13/14
AJ Klein 14/15
Geoff Kitt 15/16
Shawn Kennedy 16/17


Fan Favourite

Sponsored by: Canadians

Donated by: Canadians Staff

Awarded to the player who is the most dedicated to the fan base on and off the ice.

Andy Sturtz 13/14
Stephen Baylis 14/15
Jordan Larson 15/16
Antoine Desmeules 16/17


Coaches Award

Sponsored by: Canadians’ Coaches

Donated by:

Richard Stethem 2009/10
Richard Stethem 2010/11
Kyle Phillips 2011/12
Elie Ghantous 2012/13
Luke Edwards 13/14
Adam Lloyd 14/15
Max St.Pierre 15/16
Matt Lombardozzi 16/17


Cy Bryce Top Scholastic Award
Sponsored by: TD Canada Trust
Donated by:
Theo Hanna 2009/10
Matt English 2010/11
Theo Hanna 2011/12
Luke Martin 2012/13
Larry Smith 13/14
Andy Sturtz 14/15
Owen Grant 15/16
Owen Grant 16/17

Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by: Canadians

Donated By: Canadians

Dwayne Sawyer 13/14
Dave Poynter 14/15
Gavin Wardman/Rob McFarlane 15/16
Dave Poynter 16/17